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What to really empower women? Back Reproductive Rights

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It has become incredibly fashionable to take up women’s empowerment as a marketing tool. From Dove, to Under Armour to Disney reinventing the idea of a princess, marketers are jumping on the feminist bandwagon for credibility and sales. While all of that is well and good, it is the safe ‘radical feminist’ issue. Most American consumers believe women should have equal rights and high self-esteem, there is no drama around that. But how women are supported to live an empowered life means having say over their body. Cornerstone to that right, is reproductive freedom. And that freedom is in jeopardy.  Access to birth control and abortion is under increasing assault. From abortion providers losing privileges  in hospitals to birth control not being covered by insurance, women everywhere are losing a basic right that will have generational impact. These stats show it is a mainstream issue. In the US, half  will have a unintented pregnancy before 45, 1 in 3 of those will be aborted. 69% of women who have abortions are economically disadvantaged and as of now, 4.1 million single moms are living in poverty. The need for contraception is getting bigger as more women are waiting to have their first child. Want women to “will what they want”? Help them protect their reproductive rights.

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