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Conscious Capitalism: What’s timeless about the new story in business

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When my dad was 55 he was fired. They fired everyone in his company over 50. He sold property and casualty insurance in a midsized midwestern city for a family owned brokerage firm. When the business was sold to a larger multi-national firm out of San Francisco, ‘they’ believed that someone in a smaller market would be easily replaceable and that a large national brokerage would have no problem retaining all of my dad’s clients. They were wrong. Not only did my dad have a new job in less than 24 hours, every single one of his clients went with him.

As I sat through the many inspiring practicums at last week’s Conscious Capitalism Conference, I couldn’t help but think; This isn’t new. Being honest, forthright, putting others first, working hard for a bigger and better future for everyone, is exactly how my dad and mom taught us to be. Before it was fashionable to ask about the ‘why’ or have a noble selling purpose, my parents were teaching us those same lessons, in the 70s, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The reason my dad’s clients stayed with him, was simple. They trusted him. As a person and as professional. You can’t fake that.

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